alchemy desynthesis

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Item, Skill Cap, Crystal, Fewell, Results. Bugbear Mask, 0, Lightning Crystal, 4x Glass Fiber 6x Glass Fiber 8x Glass Fiber 10x Glass Fiber · Orc Piercer, 0, Lightning Crystal, 1x Ash Lumber 1x Grass Thread 1x Black Tiger Fang · Silence Dagger, 13, Lightning Crystal, 1x Animal Glue 1x Brass Ingot. Recruit. Item, Skill Cap
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"Aww yiss, I want to try making money via Alchemist desynth". Dont, just... ..... Desynthesis is like over-melding You will fail 80% of the time with a 50% success rate. ... (My level 40 ACN alt with 30 LWK, ARM, and BSM raked in ~5M gil patch week while also power leveling desynthesis from ~55 to ~105).
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i show every step i did to get to 0-300 the things you need bacon broth potions lvl 60 crafter atleast 10 million its ...
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Guild Recipes: Alchemy (Desynthesis). Item, Cap, Other, Crystal, Ingredients, HQ Results. Distilled Water x3, 2, Lightning, Tahrongi Cactus, HQ1: Distilled Water x6. HQ2: Distilled Water x9. HQ3: Distilled Water x12. Poison Dust x2, 15, Fire, Gigas Socks, HQ1: Poison Dust x4. HQ2: Poison Dust x6. HQ3: Poison Dust x8.
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